Ashley Kelly

Complicated is an excuse.

Ashley Kelly

When you buy into the “it’s complicated” story, what you’re doing is one of two things (or sometimes both):

  1. Avoiding what needs to be done

  2. Creating a facade to cover up the reality that you haven’t thought something through

Complicated is an excuse.

Things aren't that complicated. Relationships aren't that complicated. Your product isn’t that complicated…and if it is, see #2 above.

Whatever decision you're facing, isn't that complicated.

Complicated happens because you make it so and then sell yourself the story you created.

You start inflating the importance of irrelevant details and get pulled off of the path that will lead you to the outcome you want. Welcome to overthinking mode.

Each additional complication you dream up buys you more time to avoid the pain of doing the work. The real, hard work it takes to accomplish something, solve something, create something, fix something, build something.

Next time you find “it’s complicated” stopping you dead in your tracks and holding you back from accomplishing something, ask yourself these two simple questions instead of buying into the complicated story:

—What’s the outcome I’m looking for?

—How can I accomplish that?

I know, they seem simple…too simple really. But, simple is good.

Circle back to these questions as many times as it takes.

Your mind will shift from problem to solution and your focus will be on your plan instead of excuses that don’t serve it.

Things might be hard, but they are seldom that complicated.