Ashley Kelly

Treat others like Yay Onions

Ashley Kelly

Today is a great day to say…

I love you

I’m proud of you

Thank you

You’re beautiful

You’re awesome

You’re doing a great job

It’s always a great day to express your gratitude, your love, your kindness. I think we underestimate or forget how powerful sharing positive words can be.

My boyfriend and I volunteered at an organic farm in Costa Rica for a week last April. Even though we were only there for a short time, it was one of our favorite experiences during our year abroad. While having a conversation over lunch one afternoon, this particular topic came up and one of the owner’s of the farm mentioned an experiment aimed at highlighting the potency of our words.

It’s a simple experiment —we’ll call it Yay Onion/Nay Onion — where you cut an onion in half and put each half into a separate jar. I’ve also heard of this done with an apple as well. Over the course of a week or so, you’re supposed to speak to Yay Onion with lots of praise, love and positivity and Nay Onion gets spewed mean spirited hostility.

The result?

Yay Onion remains unscathed and Nay Onion rots into a gross ball of mush (poor Nay Onion).

I haven’t conducted the experiment myself to see the results first-hand, however, I do believe in the power of words — positive and/or negative — when spoken to others and to ourselves. And, even though we might not actually rot the same way as poor Nay Onion, there’s no doubt that negative words can leave us feelin’ pretty rotten.

This idea was hypothesized by a Japanese ‘scientist’ and entrepreneur named Masaru Emoto. He began studying water and his opinion is that our human consciousness, the words we speak and the thoughts we think can impact the molecular structure of water.

He divided small amounts of water into petri dishes and grouped them into the ‘Goodies’ and the ‘Baddies’ (not actually what he called them in his study…at least I don’t think). He said nice things to the Goodies and mean things to the Baddies and then the petri dishes were frozen.

The result?

The frozen Goodies produced beautiful crystals and the Baddies formed ugly crystals.

At first read, your thought might be ‘ok, sure who cares’, however, since our human bodies are composed mainly of water, maybe there’s something to it.

Unfortunately, it turns out that there are a lot of holes and errors in Mr. Emoto’s work. Despite that, I still like the idea and that small new-agey part of me wants to believe that maybe it’s true. I mean, clearly this dude really believed it.

From my own experience, I notice that if my vibe is good and that’s what I’m putting out into the world, then that’s exactly what I receive back — from people, from animals, from the universe.

So, the takeaway for today is that it can take just one act of loving kindness or one compliment to change someone’s day and start a ripple effect of goodness.

Tell your partner how much you appreciate them, tell your mom she’s awesome, compliment a colleague, thank someone you’ve been meaning to.

Help keep the molecular structure of our water beautiful by treating people like Yay Onions.

It’s always worth it.