Ashley Kelly

Not sure if you should publish your piece? Read this.

Ashley Kelly

So you’ve written something.

You’re not sure if it’s any good. You don’t feel like it’s ready yet.

You keep tweaking and fiddling around with it hoping that the next change is the one that’s going to perfect it.

You sit on it and come back to tweak it again later with fresh eyes.

I totally get it.

You want it to be good.

Reeeeally good.

I’d assume that if you want to share something you’ve created, it’s with the intention of providing value to someone - whether that be advice, entertainment, education or enjoyment.

And it’s amazing that you want to provide your audience (even if it’s an audience of one) with that value.

So, write what you want to say and not just what you think your audience will want to hear.

Don’t lose the wisdom in your message because you’re trying too hard to perfectly filter it.

Done is better than perfect...and perfect doesn’t exist anyway.

Write your message exactly the way you’d say it. The way you would actually say it.

Because maybe what you have to say is exactly what someone needs right now.

Start there.

Put it out there.

Thank you for creating something and sharing it with the world!