Ashley Kelly

How your procrastination might be helping you.

Ashley Kelly

You’re sitting at your desk ready.

You’ve told yourself that you’re going to do stuff now - write, design, make, paint, fix your resume, work on a project.

You’ve got your tea, your colored markers, your notebook, a scented candle lit and you’re all set.

It’s go time!

And then, the deterring happens.

You stare emptily at the computer screen.

Sip your tea.


See if your markers work (hmmmm, that’s a nice color you think to yourself).

You grab a blanket because you’re kinda cold.

Ok, ready.

Sip tea again.


Look for a snack because, maybe you’re hungry. Except you’re not really...but just in case.

Ok, for real.

Now you’re ready.

You start Googling “how to _____.”

Oh, that looks interesting. You start reading “477 ways to ____.” You see another article that’s obviously super important “738 ways to not ____.”

You think to yourself, holy, I totally need to be doing that. Why am I not doing that? Ugh.

Make a note that you’ll never read again.

Ok, now you’re starting to feel a little discouraged.

You make your way over to the never-land of social media.

You start scrolling hoping to stumble on the magic thing that’s going to propel you to start.

You read inspirational "be amazing." (eye roll)

You scroll through memes, watch cute dog videos and look at random pictures of people you don’t even know.

You lose track of the time.

It’s 5 hours later.

Chip crumbs have invaded your shirt.

Netflix is seeming tempting...oh so tempting.

You close your laptop.

Accomplishment on the project you set out to do = 0.000.

To be continued...

I hate admitting it, but I’ve definitely had more than one of these nights.

Sometimes, it’s the resistance, simple as that. And you have to buckle down and just do the work.

Other times, I think we either haven’t broken the thing down into small enough pieces or perhaps, it’s not really that important to us. So we stall.

But, what if sometimes that procrastination is something else.  

What if it’s instinct trying to come through.

But because we’re so quick to accept external pressures, we dismiss it and simply chalk it up to us being lazy procrastinators.

For me personally, if I want something, I’ll go get it. I’ll do it. Get that job, start the project, whatever it is.

So if my procrastination is lasting longer than it should be, I know now that my inner wisdom is like “yo ashley, I need you to take a deeper look at this.”

What if your procrastination is nudging you to dig and ask different questions.

Maybe questions that might reveal that you don’t really want to move down this path or you have other desires that haven’t made themselves clear yet.

Or maybe, it’s just wrong timing and hesitation is the only way your ‘inner wisdom’ knows how to communicate that to you.

If you’re stuck in a procrastination rut, stop asking yourself what’s wrong with you.

That question won’t produce a good answer.

Ask yourself if your thing is important to you, really important to you, and why?

If that’s a yes, have you broken your project down into small enough pieces?

If that's a yes, chances are it's a matter of pushing through that resistance.

But if there's any hint of a 'no' or an 'I'm not sure' in there, explore it. 

Ask yourself what's really going on here?

What are you really waiting for? 

Before you write-off procrastination completely, give it a chance.

Poke it a little bit and see where it takes you.

It might actually be trying to help.