Ashley Kelly

How to officially become a writer.

Ashley Kelly

Today, I officially became a writer.


I wrote it down on a piece of paper, declared it, and then published.

I have always wanted to be a writer in some capacity (secret dream not secret anymore).

I have numerous journals and documents full of stuff I’ve written over the years. Some is decent, most isn’t.

But, the thing is, I’ve never hit publish. I’ve never officially put my work out there.

Partly because:

- What’s the point

- Who’s going to read it

- I didn’t think it was any good

- I was waiting for “something”

- I thought it was stupid

- I wasn’t ready

- Who cares

Name the excuse, I’ve used it.

And also, because I was scared.

And still am.

There’s something incredibly vulnerable about serving your authenticity on a platter to the world.

I couldn’t get over that vulnerability.

That was a hard thing.

And I kept letting that be a hard thing and get it the way of doing something I felt curious about.

But you know what, I decided that today is different.

Feeling vulnerable will always be a hard thing. I’m not going to let it stop me from putting my work out there anymore.

Because I know I can do hard things and still be ok.

And so can you.

I’ve battled with the resistance for a long time and I’m sure there will be more of it ahead.

But, the longer you wait and hesitate, the more fear sets in and permeates.

If you really want to be a writer, well, then you have to write stuff.

And then, write more stuff.

And then, publish, even if it’s not very good and no one ever reads it.

If becoming a writer or doing anything creative has been stirring in you, start now.

Make it official today by writing it down and declaring it.

Decide and then publish your thing.

In an effort to write more stuff and hold myself accountable, I’m going to publicly document the evolution of my writing path. You know, to put a little skin in the game.  

I encourage you to write more stuff and/or make more stuff with me and if you’re feeling brave enough, put it out there.

Let’s see where we end up.